That’s Wassup – Yelhomie |Official Music Video|Manipur Hip-Hop India


Yelhomie released his latest Track “That’s Wassup” on 25th July 2021 from record label Yelhoumee Entertainment.

That’s Wassup – Yelhomie | Straight outta from Manipur, India

The track is produced by Sangai Beats and Mixed Mastered by Skar M Beats. Videography by Thompson X Sharma from Tomorrow’s Dreams Studio.


Is You with me? Is You not?   (4x)
Look I'm the boss of my own, I ain't your shit(sheet) and I cannot be 'fold'
Well, naava did it alone, i call up my phone and I'm Thanking the Goat
The world is so cold like it would
But i'm colder than my papa's body in the wood
'Never popped a molly',never caught a body but 'not sweating' when y'all telling me 'who'?
Juggling my balls when you call me clown
Naava no bitc# when You sneaking around
The circle they square up if you f#cking a-round
These voiceless rappers now, they talking all loud
Dumb-ing dumb-ing when I'm talking all out
They fortify cause I'm for the flight, breaking all of you naavas straight down into pieces
A different species
That's me
Check out how distant my impact and legacy reaches
Lets See
If I quit rapping, I'd still be the top with my face on the t!tt!e$
Yes, Please
Proclamation of naava, my shit is impeding like sleeping policeman, like causing a hindrance
I'm slowing your speeding, you pu$$y, go bounce
How can the pawns in the chess come up chasing this crown?
Come in my zone and then get yourself killed in the lounge
I got the keys, we got the game on lock, f#ck what you think
Do me wrong then I'mma fuck up your peace
Say my name only right after the King, you pu$$y go bounce

Throw your mu#(h)fukin bird in the sky
That's wassup (2x)
Yeah, my naava
That's wassup

Throw your mu#(h)fukin bird in the sky
That's wassup(2x)
Naava, i don't give a f#ck

Yo What up, my naava?
Khatnaba houradi yengnaba taba
Nothing can stop us, we keepin 100,don't fw drama
You cannot cop up, the span is (Spanish)too wide, you can't fill up the 'blanca'
Hollering 'Ollo'(Allah), like i'm Osama like a naava got 4K's(K4) in the locker
All of you rapper are immature, drop a classic now, insecure
Tell me, naava, what you feinding for?
There is more to this shit than you random songs
You're more than a b!tch, you a basic wh#re
Can't deliver (Cantilever) shit against me with no 'support'
Just giving my shine now, read between 'em lines
And keep them in mind

Yuh all these rappers yeah too weak(two week) like quarantine
Y'all belong into the cube, naava, no vaseline
Boy, i need a new page for my hit list
They don't gotta debate who the greatest
Stop yelling you back, when you ain't shit
Stop yelling who's fake when you catfish
Yeah you fool people on the net like 'Thomas Wilson'
While i chase 'Dead President' like 'Hova Nation'
And Your b!tch unhesitant to my eracti0n
She would probably climb it up like a stripper
Me and your gurl, that's a 'chamb relation' (NBA)
Flipping the bird on some aviation
Got you hitting the curb with no hesitation
Shit,y'all know the God
Now, Pu$$y Go Bounce
Throw your muhfukin bird in the sky
That's wassup(2x)
Yeah, my naava
that's wassup
Throw your muhfukin bird in the sky
that's wassup(2x)
yeah, my naava
that's wassup
Throw your muhfukin bird in the sky
that's wassup(2x)
yeah, my naava
that's wassup
Throw Your muhfukin bird in the sky
that's wassup(2x)
Naava, I don't give a f#ck


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