G’nie signed a record deal with K&P Records

Mizo Hip-Hop Artist G'nie signed a record deal with K&P Records on 27th September 2021. He is very much excited to work with K&P...

Emiway Bantai New Song Hai Tu Kaun OUT NOW

Emiway released his new track "Hai Tu Kaun" on 26th September 2021 which is produced by Meme Machine. The Song is released from Bantai...

That’s Wassup – Yelhomie |Official Music Video|Manipur Hip-Hop India

Yelhomie released his latest Track "That's Wassup" on 25th July 2021 from record label Yelhoumee Entertainment. The track is produced by Sangai Beats...

Young Dirrt aka MC Zing, Hip-Hop Artist| Manipur, India

Young Dirrt is an Hip-Hop Artist emcee/Rapper from Manipur India.

BANJOP new Track PUDINA ( Prod. by B4NDIT)

Banjop dropped his new Track PUDINA, which is hit among the viewers. The audience are really enjoying the creation of the BANJOP and the...