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Proud “Naga Manu” – Moko Koza new song | Society issues

Naga Manu, the song is in the Nagamese language. Nagamese is the native language of the people of Nagaland, India.

The title “Naga Manu” means “Naga People”, here Naga refers to an ethnic group of Native people from Nagaland. Nagas are found in the region of Northeast India and Northwestern Myanmar.

Coming back to the song, ” Naga Manu is the second song from the upcoming album of Moko Koza. Moko Koza is a rapper/artist from Nagaland and is quite popular in Northeastern Hip-Hop Music.

Team Behind The Work:

The song is written and performed in the Nagamese language by Moko Koza. Produced by Rylo, Naga Beatz, INA, and shot by Kohdi Jings. It is mixed and mastered at Infinity Inc. Studio.

What is the song about?


Naga Manu – Moko Koza ( Intro Scene )

Naga Manu is a satirical rap, talking about the regular life of the Naga People while highlighting the major issues and problems that are faced by the People of Nagaland.

The song begins with the intro of Moko Koza as a Naga, rapping about the place where he was born and about the brotherhood among the Naga Community, and how good they take care of and support the women.

Origin and Food Habits of Nagaland:

Origin and Food Habits of Nagaland: Naga Manu song by Moko Koza

He also mentioned the local foods they eat and invites the viewers/people to come and try his Naga foods. They will be surviving the authentic curry of Bamboo shoots and fermented soya beans. There has been much misinformation outside the state about the food habits of the Naga People. So satirically Moko Koza said he doesn’t know what you think about our foods but it’s not your business what we eat here. We come from a generation of headhunters and we are proud to be called Naga. I am a Naga Manu.

Problems/issues in the community:

Problems/issues in the community: Naga Manu song by Moko Koza

Then further in the song, he talked about the problems in society, and how people are fighting with each other for land, becoming slaves to the money power. Also how the people get bribed with money during election season and after the election gets over, once again they face bad living situations. Still, they don’t understand and are stuck in this loop of bribed money for short-term happiness.

Alcohol in Nagaland:

Alcohol issue in Nagaland: Naga Manu by Moko Koza

Another major issue is Alcohol, which is prohibited in Nagaland but still, people are getting it (illegally) from Assam. This is not contributing to the economy of Nagaland.

The song tries to show the reality of the society and aims to promote the local dialect and bring the community close.

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welcome to the westside jelo azadi records
Jelo records his first debut single track from Azadi Records

The Northeast HipHop scene is already lifted up. Recently Hip-Hop Artist JELO from Aizawl, Mizoram got signed to record label AZADI RECORDS. He released his debut single on 18th March 2022 “WELCOME TO THE WESTSIDE” under Azadi Records. The track is produced by Zero Chill.

Check out Music Video ” Welcome To The Westside”

Jelo is about to release his LP very soon “BACK ON PAGE”.

What is LP in Hip-Hop?

LP stands for Long Play and in most cases referred to as a full-length album consisting of 10-12 tracks.

Here is the about section of A1B’s Youtube channel describing the Music Video “Welcome To The Westside” and Jelo.

Hailing from Aizawl, Mizoram, Jelo attempts to flip the Indian hip-hop scene on its head by diving deep into his experiences as a kid from one of the most disconnected regions in the country and as an immigrant trying to chase the American dream.

Heavily inspired by the sounds of the dirty south, the 22-year old rapper leaves no stone unturned in an effort to lay every ounce of raw skill on wax – teaming up Mumbai’s prodigal beat maker Zero Chill to deliver a lyrically dense introduction to Aizawl’s west side crews on his debut single – ‘Welcome to the West Side’.

NE Hip-Hop News – G’nie x CT Tluangtea upcoming Collaboration| Yelhomie October’s Finest release

From the east side of Indian Hip-Hop here we have some updates about some newly released tracks and a few upcoming dope works from Northeastern Hip-Hop.

  1. CT Tluangtea released new music video of his track Killer Verse and soon he is coming up with his Collaboration Track with Mizo Hip-Hop Artist G’nie.

2. Nagaland’s Hip-Hop Artist Anonymous J released music video KULFI Featuring Tashi Tamang, this music video has some dope vibes.

3. UNB artist from Sikkim released music video – REGRET ( Official Video ).

4. LANCHA an artist from Manipur released his debut music AHENBA which is Produced By Mixla.

5. MC Insane hip-hop artist from Assam released the music video of track – Know Me ft. Christo-zy from his album The Feel

6. Zion EMCEE – MONGFAM LAMBI || NAITOM EP || Prod – Yung Nava

7. Manipuri Hip-Hop Artist Yelhomie’s track October’s Finest is out now, produced by Sangai Beats.

IHH Artist Reble Got Signed to the Kamani Records

Female Rapper Reble from Shillong, Meghalaya got signed to a record label Kamani Records. She shared this information via Instagram post and She is also coming up with an EP very soon.

G’nie signed a record deal with K&P Records


Mizo Hip-Hop Artist G’nie signed a record deal with K&P Records on 27th September 2021. He is very much excited to work with K&P Records, via his post he said that “I’m super pumped because I know I’m in good hands working with state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch expertise.”

G’nie Signed record deal with K&P Records

He is also working on his album, which is half done. For few months he was inactive in the hip-hop scene, but soon his fans will get to listen to some dope music from him. He added in his Instagram post “Thanks to the fans who’ve been sticking by me thru thick and thin. I know I’ve been inactive for a minute now but you know great things take time. An album is coming and it’s basically half done and I’m putting my best foot forward to give yall a f#cking CLASSIC. Buhleeh that!! ✌🏼”

Emiway Bantai New Song Hai Tu Kaun OUT NOW


Emiway released his new track “Hai Tu Kaun” on 26th September 2021 which is produced by Meme Machine. The Song is released from Bantai Records and is directed by Swaalina and Emiway Bantai as Co-director. If we see the lyrics, the track targets the haters who pass negative Comments on Emiway and So that’s why in the song Bantai is asking the haters “Hai Tu Kaun” which means “who the hell are You to judge me”. Bantai is also thankful to the Record Label Company, who rejected and did not signed Him, as he has achieved a lot all alone hustling every week, every day. Watch the song embedded below to know more and feel the vibe.

Emiway Bantai is Coming Up with his Debut Album “Malum Hai Na”, he will be dropping his entire album in Audio first.

‘At Your Service’ EP by MOKSH | Shillong, Meghalaya


Shillong Hip-Hop Artist/Rapper MOKSH is coming up with his new Project/EP named “At Your Service”. The Trailer of the EP is out now.

At Your Service (EP) Trailer | Moksh, a rapper artist from Shillong, Meghalaya

The Trailer starts with the purpose of chasing comforts in life, on the way the artist (Moksh) saw many faces, met different types of people, and had numerous interactions. With these life lessons, he realized that everyone have their own stories, everyone have their own struggles. Finally, he found his purpose of fighting against Trouble and the distress around him.

‘At Your Service’ is third on the list of MOKSH’s catalog of bodies of work after his 2019 releases, ‘Twenty One’ and ‘Blackout’. This will be made exclusively available on Skillbox from the 1st of August 2021 as a fundraiser for the COVID 19 relief work of Impulse NGO Network, providing ration and essential items such as sanitary pads to over 500 households in each state of Northeast India and parts of West Bengal.

This is a small initiative by an independent artist collective/label, MOX just like how a tiny droplet contributes to the making of an ocean.

That’s Wassup – Yelhomie |Official Music Video|Manipur Hip-Hop India

Yelhomie released his latest Track “That’s Wassup” on 25th July 2021 from record label Yelhoumee Entertainment.

That’s Wassup – Yelhomie | Straight outta from Manipur, India

The track is produced by Sangai Beats and Mixed Mastered by Skar M Beats. Videography by Thompson X Sharma from Tomorrow’s Dreams Studio.


Is You with me? Is You not?   (4x)
Look I'm the boss of my own, I ain't your shit(sheet) and I cannot be 'fold'
Well, naava did it alone, i call up my phone and I'm Thanking the Goat
The world is so cold like it would
But i'm colder than my papa's body in the wood
'Never popped a molly',never caught a body but 'not sweating' when y'all telling me 'who'?
Juggling my balls when you call me clown
Naava no bitc# when You sneaking around
The circle they square up if you f#cking a-round
These voiceless rappers now, they talking all loud
Dumb-ing dumb-ing when I'm talking all out
They fortify cause I'm for the flight, breaking all of you naavas straight down into pieces
A different species
That's me
Check out how distant my impact and legacy reaches
Lets See
If I quit rapping, I'd still be the top with my face on the t!tt!e$
Yes, Please
Proclamation of naava, my shit is impeding like sleeping policeman, like causing a hindrance
I'm slowing your speeding, you pu$$y, go bounce
How can the pawns in the chess come up chasing this crown?
Come in my zone and then get yourself killed in the lounge
I got the keys, we got the game on lock, f#ck what you think
Do me wrong then I'mma fuck up your peace
Say my name only right after the King, you pu$$y go bounce

Throw your mu#(h)fukin bird in the sky
That's wassup (2x)
Yeah, my naava
That's wassup

Throw your mu#(h)fukin bird in the sky
That's wassup(2x)
Naava, i don't give a f#ck

Yo What up, my naava?
Khatnaba houradi yengnaba taba
Nothing can stop us, we keepin 100,don't fw drama
You cannot cop up, the span is (Spanish)too wide, you can't fill up the 'blanca'
Hollering 'Ollo'(Allah), like i'm Osama like a naava got 4K's(K4) in the locker
All of you rapper are immature, drop a classic now, insecure
Tell me, naava, what you feinding for?
There is more to this shit than you random songs
You're more than a b!tch, you a basic wh#re
Can't deliver (Cantilever) shit against me with no 'support'
Just giving my shine now, read between 'em lines
And keep them in mind

Yuh all these rappers yeah too weak(two week) like quarantine
Y'all belong into the cube, naava, no vaseline
Boy, i need a new page for my hit list
They don't gotta debate who the greatest
Stop yelling you back, when you ain't shit
Stop yelling who's fake when you catfish
Yeah you fool people on the net like 'Thomas Wilson'
While i chase 'Dead President' like 'Hova Nation'
And Your b!tch unhesitant to my eracti0n
She would probably climb it up like a stripper
Me and your gurl, that's a 'chamb relation' (NBA)
Flipping the bird on some aviation
Got you hitting the curb with no hesitation
Shit,y'all know the God
Now, Pu$$y Go Bounce
Throw your muhfukin bird in the sky
That's wassup(2x)
Yeah, my naava
that's wassup
Throw your muhfukin bird in the sky
that's wassup(2x)
yeah, my naava
that's wassup
Throw your muhfukin bird in the sky
that's wassup(2x)
yeah, my naava
that's wassup
Throw Your muhfukin bird in the sky
that's wassup(2x)
Naava, I don't give a f#ck


Young Dirrt aka MC Zing, Hip-Hop Artist| Manipur, India

Young Dirrt aka MC ZING F.DIRRT , real name “Zing Chongtham”, born 20th of November, 1990, is a hip hop artist/rapper from Imphal, Manipur, India. He was the part of Hip-Hop Duo Group “TWO MUCH” with Rapper Big Deal, an artist from Orisha, which was formed around late 2010, in Bangalore city, Karnataka, India. In the year 2012, they won VH1 RAP BATTLE from Former Duo Group “Two Much”. In 2013, Young Dirrt was going through major changes and challenges in his career, including working on his debut solo Mixtape, including features from different well-known international artists from around the globe. His debut solo mixtape, Dreams, The Mixtape, dropped in March 2014. His First video Single was “On Top of the World” which got released on VEVO. His “Alive” music video got played on national television.

He has performed in almost every club in & around BANGALORE. Few notable names would be:-
1.Pebble-The Jungle lounge
2.Blue waves
4.Fusion Lounge
5.Manchester united bar
7.Lounge 579
8.White tiger
10. Fbar

Young Dirrt is influenced by hip hop greats such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, Big L, WU-TANG, EMINEM, Snoop Dogg, KRS 1, and modern “new-school” rappers including J.cole, Drake, Kendrick Lamar among others.. etc since a very young age. Young Dirrt aka Zing, born in one of the most backward corners of the country, rose to both the public and the hip-hop community’s recognition through hard work and faith and is continued to be one of the most recognized and respected MC from the NORTHEAST INDIA.

Notable achievements:
1. Vh1 Rap battle winners 2012(with former band Two Much).

2. Opening for and touring with Canadian rapper Ganghis Khan aka CAMOFLAUGE.(previously affiliated with WU-TANG and RAEKWON’s Ice H20 rec.) in both of the artist’s two tours in the country.

3.Opened for Dj Mark Da Spot, official Dj for Justin Timberlake.

4. Soundtrack for Manipuri film, “Abir Khan”, 2009.

5. Apart from these, he has performed in many states throughout the country including New Delhi, Bangalore, Manipur and other North Eastern states, with sold out audiences.

6. Featured on major websites including this is 50.com (50 cent’s official website), vyto.com, jampad, IndiHut, desihiphop, zomba.in, bombayhiphop, etc, including radio interviews.

BANJOP new Track PUDINA ( Prod. by B4NDIT)

Banjop dropped his new Track PUDINA, which is hit among the viewers. The audience are really enjoying the creation of the BANJOP and the dope music of B4NDIT. Do check out.

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